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Observing Database and much more for NGC/IC Objects

Comets,  Minor Planets and Supernovae


SKY Online's Comet Page
Observable Comets - CBAT, MPC, ICQ
BAA Comet Section
Dates of Last Observation of Comets
Comets Stardust


Calculation of residuals of asteroid positions
New Object Ephemeris Generator
Minor Planet Checker
Minor Planet Ephemeris Service
The NEO Confirmation Page
OBSPLANNER: Minor Planet Observation Planner
Recent MPECs
Lowell Observatory Asteroid Database
Asteroid Data Services by Lowell Observatory
JPL's Solar System Dynamics On-Line Solar System Data and Ephemeris Computation Service


Dave Bishop's Latest Supernovae(no frames) 
Latest Supernovae-ISN
List of Recent Supernovae - CBAT

General Astronomy

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Chiron Perihelion Campaign

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Where to Find It

Mary's Favorite Astronomy Site for Kids -  Learning Astronomy from your Couch
Tybee's Links

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Space Exploration

Space Agencies

NASA Homepage
NASA Headquarters
NASA * Hot Topics*
Office of Space Flight (NASA)
NASA Image Gallery
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Recent news from JPL
SEDS - Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
European Space Agency
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
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Space Station

Old NASA Shuttle Web
NASA - Human Spaceflight
Space Station

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The Search for Extra-Solar Planetary Systems

Search for Extra-solar Planets

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Space News
Space Weather
Kennedy Space Center News
BBC Tech News
Marshall Space Flight Center - Science Research Office
European Southern Observatory Press Releases and Photos
Galileo News Archive
Hubble Space Telescope Photos and Press Releases
JPL News
Sky and Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin

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Planetary Exploration

Exploring the Moon:Lunar and Planetary Institute
Lunar Exploration
Clementine Lunar Image Browser
Lunar Prospector: Mission Management
NASA's Space Science Missions
Galileo Homepage
Cassini Mission Homepage
Cassini Information
Mars Links
Mathilde Images
NEAR Information
Pluto Kuiper Express
Ice and Fire Missions: Europa, Pluto-Kuiper and Solar Probe
Planetary Sciences - NSSDC
Space Research Data - NSSDC
Welcome to STARDUST
NSSDC Photo Gallery: Voyager
Planetary PhotoJournal
The Planetary Society
The New Millennium Program
Deep Space 1

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Astronomy Picture of the Day - Updated daily
Mars Pathfinder, Galileo, Cassini
NSSDC Astronomy Photos

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Project Phoenix
Project Beta - (Billion-channel Extra-Terrestrial Assay) - The Planetary Society
Big Ear

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Science Fiction

The Isaac Asimov Homepage
Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Jack McDevitt Homepage
Jack McDevitt: SF Reading List
The Science Fiction Resource Guide
Science Fiction News of the Week
Locus Magazine
Recommended Reading
SF Site: Babylon 5 Links
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
SF Site: Star Trek Links

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 Book Stuff

BookWire - The Boston BookReview, Publisher's Weekly, etc. - Earth's Biggest Bookstore(New York Times reviews)
Moe's Books

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Encyclopedia Britannica
Goddard Space Flight Center's Astronomical Data Center
Hipparcos Data GSFC's Astronomical Data Center
Strasbourg Observatory Centre
NASA's National Space Science Data Center
JPL's Solar System Dynamics On-Line Solar System Data and Ephemeris Computation Service
Liftoff to Space Exploration Earth-orbiting satellites
HST and Amateur Astronomers
MapQuest .
ADS Astronomyand Astrophysics Abstract Service
IAU: Central Bureaufor Astronomical Telegrams
The AAS Homepage
Digital Sky Surveys
NASA TechnicalReport Server
The STScI Digitized Sky Survey(Palomar Observatory Sky Survey)
APS Image Database

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The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada

The Astronomical Society of Australia

Canberra Astronomical Society

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The Newton Observatory B&B and the Florida Imaging Center
The Latest Hubble SpaceTelescope Images
Space Telescope Information Services
What's New at STSCI
Hubble Heritage Project
Tour the Cosmos - Hubble Webcast
Chandra X-Ray Observatory
The Puckett Observatory
Anglo-Australian Observatory
Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
Kitt Peak
Lowell Observatory
Mauna Kea
McDonald Observatory
Mt. Wilson Observatory
Palomar Observatory
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Yerkes Observatory
         Andy Homeyer's Place

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Magazines and Newsletters

Sky & Telescope
Scientific American
EJASA- Back issues of the Electronic Journal of the Astronomical
Society of the Atlantic.

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Intricate Micro Systems- Home of Win245 - CCD Control Software (Tybee Evans)
Cookbook Camera HomePage (Richard Berry)
Apogee Instruments
David Ratledge's Homepage 
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Satellite Visibility
NORAD Two-line Elements

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Pacific Northwest Weather

Real-Time Weather Data

National Weather Service


Satellite Images

Weather Maps

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